Show notes for the podcast about fiber and farming.

A podcast with updates on projects that are Finished, Nearly Done, and Just Begun. Enabling Dust will be flung and garden and animal updates will be discussed. Occassional episodes are Field Trips to see the farm, garden and old farm house where this all takes place.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Episode 83 - Spinning and Shearing

A fleecey farm update and lots of finished spinning. 

Basic hat in handspun from my own batt
LunabudKnits n-ply Corriedale
2-ply batt in gray and pink

In Progress:
Gnomespun Cheviot in Petunia

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  1. I love spinning southdown. Do you have babydolls or the larger southdown variety? There is a blog which is really informative by a woman who raises babydolls. I think the URL is www.mylittlesheep.com The shepherdess has an Etsy shop as well.