Show notes for the podcast about fiber and farming.

A podcast with updates on projects that are Finished, Nearly Done, and Just Begun. Enabling Dust will be flung and garden and animal updates will be discussed. Occassional episodes are Field Trips to see the farm, garden and old farm house where this all takes place.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Ep 117 - Like a Virgin...spinner

Energized handspun. Knit socks. A bit of darning. Wrap up of the last chapters of Depletion and Abundance - our responsibilities in the world. 

Gnomespun Perendale, colorway "The Sun Sets on Fall."
Quillin Fiber Arts Cheviot in the colorway Owls
Miss Babs BLF/Silk in colorway Landscape

Handspun socks in Corriedale from Into the Whirled, colorway Mud Bogs and Moonshine
Ellington Socks by Cookie A in Cakewalk Yarns (no longer dyeing)
Basic toddler hat in Into the Whirled handspun

Book: Depletion and Abundance by Sharon Astyk

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  1. thank you so much for talking about this book. I wholeheartedly agree with so much of what you said about this. Today especially. We moved from Seattle to an area in the midwest, our son is now one of very few who isn't filled with flu shots, vaccinations and antibiotics. Some parents here think we are crazy back to earthers. We just believe that we are all healthier without chemicals coursing through our bodies.