Show notes for the podcast about fiber and farming.

A podcast with updates on projects that are Finished, Nearly Done, and Just Begun. Enabling Dust will be flung and garden and animal updates will be discussed. Occassional episodes are Field Trips to see the farm, garden and old farm house where this all takes place.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Episode 46 contains the words snath, dammit and doh

Extreme Scything

Finished: Oak Trail by Alana Dakos in Jill Draper Makes Stuff Rambouillet colorway Cinnamon

Nearly Done (cuz it's getting frogged): Pointelle by Cookie A in Berroco Ultra Fine (I think)

Just Begun
Wingspan by maylin Tri'Coterie Designs in handspun Gnomespum masham
Hitchhiker by Martina Behm in Three Irish Girls Findley Fingering, colorway Ivanna Knit (one of a kind)
Damson by Ysolda Teague in Malabrigo Sock colorway Primavera

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